Local writer Robin Young has just had his first novel published at the age of 71. Writing under the pen name R H Young, the author from Crowhurst has been writing in various formats for several years. His book was published on 30th September and on 14th October he gave a reading at Printed Matter Bookshop in Queen’s Road, Hastings.

Young told HIP that Dhanmondi Road is the first published novel set in Bangladesh to have been written by a non-Bangladeshi writer.  Set in 1973, during post- Bangladesh War of Independence chaos, a young Australian, Gareth McKinley, arrives in the country to work on a project set up to care for destitute children. He quickly learns that living and working in this post-Liberation War environment can be dangerous.

Young’s synopsis states: ‘A crisis emerges when some children involved in the project cannot be accounted for. Does the explanation lie in a mysterious letter that seems to have been sent from Dubai? Dhanmondi Road sensitively captures the atmosphere of a country in turmoil and charts Gareth’s progress towards increasing self-knowledge and self-awareness in ways he could never have foreseen.’ 

Dhanmondi Road is published by Austin Macauley Publishers and is available at Printed Matter (Please support our local independent bookshops)
or through Waterstones and Amazon.

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