The Friends of Hasting Country Park Nature Reserve (FHCP) have complained to the government advisory body Natural England about council proposals to site a solar panel farm in an officially designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Last May HBC suggested Warren Glen as an alternative to the original proposals to put the panels above Fairlight Glen.

“The Council appears to regard the renewable energy factor as being so vital to the public interest that it outweighs all other considerations,” says FHCP chair Michael Moor. The Friends dispute the council’s contention that the panels won’t be visible from other parts of the area of special scientific interest and are concerned about the impact on flora and fauna

HBC has engaged Public Power Solutions – a subsidiary of Swindon Borough Council – to manage the tendering process and undertake an impact assessment. Not everyone agrees with FHCP’s stance which has received online criticism. ‘Alison’ posted on Hastings Online Times ‘We are facing a climate emergency and the possible death of our planet as we know it. The objections above seem to be fiddling while Rome burns. Friends of Hastings Country Park is not suggesting any alternative. How is Hastings supposed to become carbon neutral if no drastic initiatives are taken now?’ 

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