In Carisbrooke Rd, St Leonards not only are weeds growing in the pavements but the communal bins are pretty bad and rubbish is regularly all over the road. I don’t think many people seem to understand that rubbish is supposed to go in the bins not be spread all around them, and the sign that fly-tipping is not allowed is ignored as you can see from the toilet dumped on the pavement.  Angela Gardner 

Just a few examples of poor surfaces, bad previous repairs, sunken surfaces and potholes across the Borough:

The Ridge – previous poor repairs near Stonestile Lane, the Conquerors March bend and around the Conquest Hospital roundabout. There are so many defective areas, such as Fairlight Road at the Ore and Sheerwater Crescent. Most of these have been reported to East Sussex County Council but few repairs are completed and many are dangerous for those crossing the road or on two-wheeled transport. Brian Rockell.

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