Council protects nature reserves

Colin Fitzgerald, lead member for the Environment said: “Hastings Borough Council has protected the very best wildlife areas in the town by declaring them Local Nature Reserves, …high-quality open spaces for our local community to enjoy. We face a crisis in the UK with biodiversity continuing to decline.These bye-laws aim to protect these areas from anti-social behaviour and allow our native wildlife to thrive.”

The nature reserves are: Hastings Country Park, Old Roar Gill and Coronation Wood, Church Wood and Robsack, Marline Valley, Filsham Reedbeds, St Helen’s Woods Summerfields Wood and Ponds Wood will be included at a later date. These new bye-laws await confirmation by the government Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. 

Digital active

Summerfields Leisure Centre has opened a new £45k augmented climbing wall using projected graphics along with body tracking technology to create an interactive gaming experience. The climbing wall provides a variety of activities from fun games through to challenging training applications and brings the sport of climbing to a whole new audience. 

There is also a new MultiBall system which turns a wall into a large gaming console with a touchscreen sensitive to ball or hand, enabling individuals or groups of people to play a variety of fun and educational games, combining physical education and interactive team building. 

To find out more visit:

Better bottles

Social enterprise and ethical water company, Belu is the first to make all plastic bottles from 100% recycled plastic. The 100% recycled material used by the British water brand generates 75% less carbon emissions than aluminium and is easily recycled, unlike a carton. Belu is a social enterprise that gives 100% of profits to charity WaterAid, £4 million so far. 

Making bottles from 100% recycled plastic reduces emissions and other pollutants; nothing new needs to be made as it uses a resource that already exists. It may also create demand and value for recycled plastic bottles, ultimately fuelling investment in better local recycling infrastructure.

Belu’s ‘ethical glass’ bottles are made from recycled content and also 100% recyclable. It is the only water brand to achieve the British Standard Institute’s carbon neutrality standard. 

For more information follow @BeluWater on Twitter.

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