Local Greenpeace activists recently demonstrated outside Tesco stores in Hastings claiming the supermarket group is associated with deforestation.

The protest is linked to Greenpeace’s new animation, Monster, in which a jaguar turns up in a boy’s kitchen to tell him about the destruction of its forest home for industrial meat production.

Greenpeace say Tesco is driving this destruction by selling more soya-fed meat than any UK supermarket, much of it from companies owned by rainforest destroyers.

Jane Wilde from St Leonards says: “Threatened wildlife such as jaguars are losing their homes to deforestation… New Tesco CEO Ken Murphy needs to take urgent action to stop fuelling the destruction of forests like the Amazon. Tesco sells hundreds and thousands of tonnes of industrial
meat, much of it produced by companies owned by rainforest-destroyers. Tesco must replace half the meat it sells with plant-based food by 2025 and cut ties with forest destroyers.” 

“Just like the little boy in Greenpeace’s Monster video, we all know what to do… reduce the amount of meat we eat from now on, and call on Tesco to play its part and stop selling industrial meat that’s driving the destruction of the homes of indigenous people and wildlife, and contributing to the climate emergency.”

To see the animation visit www.greenpeace.org.uk/news/monster-film-deforestation-true-story

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