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Is the Green Home Grant a good deal? Colin, St Leonards

The Green Home Grant is a new government grant to provide funding towards making your home more energy efficient. The scheme – recently extended by a year and ending in March 2022 – is primarily aimed at helping people to insulate their homes or get a renewable heat system, such as solar thermal or an air source heat pump. 

To qualify for fully funded support up to £10,000 you must receive qualifying benefits such as Universal Credit. Everyone else can apply for a voucher to cover two thirds of the cost up to £5,000. In theory the Green Home Grant is a great idea and exactly what many homeowners need to help them with the cost of becoming energy efficient. In practice though, the scheme has already run into significant problems, as the industry was
not given enough time to go through the accreditation process needed to take part. For many small suppliers, the cost of accreditation and the short time line of the scheme meant local contractors haven’t signed up. 

Our clients report it is very difficult to get quotes and, on top of this, some companies stopped coming out during lockdown. Energise East Sussex is keeping fingers crossed that the scheme extension will give the incentive for more installers to come on board and increased time for people to get quotes and work done. It’s a great opportunity to transform your home’s energy efficiency. Measures such as external wall insulation and air source heat pumps which often cost around £9,000 can be done free for those eligible for a full cost grant, or £4,000 for people receiving the capped £5,000 funding (above). 

If you’d like to talk through the Green Home Grant then please book an energy advice appointment with Energise. To submit a question or book an appointment: 01424 390062 or [email protected] 

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