Tidy Up St Leonards, a Safer Streets project partner, is improving the area for local businesses, residents and visitors.

Safer Streets includes Sussex Police, Heart of Hastings, Hastings Borough Council (HBC), the Business Crime Reduction Partnership, Neighbourhood Watch and Tidy Up St Leonards (TUSL). 

Volunteers work alongside local councils, housing associations, and other agencies to improve the town. Five trustees recently cleared overgrowth and weeds from the pavement along Pevensey Road, generating 16 sacks of green waste. Meanwhile, other volunteers worked to keep the streets litter free. 

In addition to helping keep paths and gutters clear, pavements weeded, overgrowth cut back, and removing litter, the TUSL team assists with woodland conservation in the town’s green spaces and reporting damaged signage, lighting and fencing to the authorities. 

Volunteer effort

John Funnell, TUSL, said: “We hold regular ‘Tidy Up’ sessions across St Leonards, where our fantastic team of enthusiastic volunteers give up their free time to focus on areas that need some extra attention. We are pleased to join the Safer Streets project and look forward to working with residents (and) businesses… to make a difference.”

Cllr Paul Barnett, HBC lead councillor for urban environment and community safety, explained: “The Safer Streets project offers an excellent opportunity for the partners involved, as well as businesses and residents, to work collaboratively to identify areas that need enhancement in St Leonards.”

John Bownas, Chair of Hastings Neighbourhood Watch, added: “If there are any other groups across the borough who would like to do something similar, Neighbourhood Watch can help by providing materials and insurance, as well as trying to link people together.”

Direct control

HBC took back control of the town’s street cleaning services a year ago. Since when 29 street cleaners have swept more than 11,000 miles of road, emptied over 250,000 litter bins and dealt with 11,000 additional work requests.

In the latest performance review, conducted by independent consultancy, White Young Green, who carried out all similar inspections over the last 12 years, a significant improvement in the borough’s cleanliness was evident. In this review 300 roads were monitored, out of these 96.8% were litter, detritus, fly-posting and graffiti free – the best result the town has achieved in over a decade, with an improvement of 2.4% and 3.3% compared to when the service was contracted. 

Cllr Paul Barnett commented: “This is an exceptional start. I want to thank the public, our residents and visitors, who in a very difficult year have been so responsible in reducing the rubbish on our streets and beaches.

“We want to continue to improve our town by making it a tidy and enjoyable place to work, visit and live. Everyone can play their part, by binning litter, taking it home and reporting any waste they see in the borough directly.” [at https://my.hastings.gov.uk]

For more information on Tidy Up St Leonards: www.facebook.com/groups/1447868418647271

Local businesses please contact: john[email protected]

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