The Environment Agency has confirmed that the water at Shornden Reservoir near Clarence Road in Alexandra Park has high levels of blue-green algae. This can produce a scum that is toxic to animals and can potentially harm people. 

Hastings Borough Council is monitoring the situation and have put up signs around the affected areas warning people and pets to stay out of the water.

Freshwater algal blooms are usually the result of an excess of nutrients, particularly phosphorus or nitrogen. Sources of the excess chemicals can be garden and agricultural fertilisers as well as household products. 

Blue-green algal blooms often persist for several weeks or months, depending mainly on the weather or flow conditions. Cooler, windy weather or increased flow may reduce or prevent blooms from occurring. A spokesperson for HBC said: “Fortunately this natural phenomenon will go away in time when temperatures drop significantly, but this is unlikely to happen until the winter.”

  Please report any suspected sightings of blue-green algae to the Environment Agency on their incident hotline [24hrs service] 0800 80 70 60

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