Easy Flatbread with Allotment Greens

Recipe submitted by Rosamund Cran 

1. Mix 300g of plain white flour (or any type you have on hand) with 300g of yogurt, pinch of salt, and a handful of chopped up herbs, rocket or greens from the allotment. Add a teaspoon of baking powder for additional rise. Lightly knead the mixture into a smooth ball. 

2. Break into pieces and roll out into circles. Heat frying pan on high heat, before adding a little oil and frying the flatbreads for about 3 minutes each side (or until they puff up). 

3. Optional extra: Toast/fry some fennel or lovage seeds from last year’s plants and add these on top of flatbreads (or into the mix for extra flavour). Chopped and fried garlic can also be added.

These flatbreads are good served with a hummus or bean dip, or alongside a rice dish.

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