By Holly Johnson
Holly’s Wholesome Kitchen

With the chiller air making an appearance, golden sunsets filling the sky and leaves transitioning from lush green to the prettiest burnt coral hues, it’s time to nourish our bodies with vitamins and essential minerals in preparation for the colder weather.

I’ve most definitely noticed the nip, it feels very refreshing and I have put together 3 smoothie recipes that are jam-packed full of micronutrients and natural fibres to help feed the good guys in the gut microbiome.

A balanced and happy gut creates the foundation for optimum health and vitality. This delicious trio combine all the good stuff we require to continue to fire on all cylinders! We need more beta-carotene rich foods this time of the year to support our immune systems to help stave-off those pesky infections!

The base of all 3 smoothie blends is a combination of frozen banana, mango and pineapple and to each one I’ve added some other potent superfoods to give them extra oomph and healing goodness! 

Green Goddess
To the above mentioned base, also add: 1 x tap of Spirulina powder, 1 x bunch of kale, 1 x avocado, 100g of almonds and 300 ml of coconut water. Simply blend until all the ingredients are smooth and serve with a sprig of mint and a squeeze of fresh lime.

Pretty In Pink
To the base add: 1 x punnet of fresh strawberries, 2 x tsps of pea protein powder, 1 x tsp of maca powder, 100g of cashews, 300ml of coconut water. Blend. Serve. Slurp. Enjoy.

Yellow Sunset
To the base add: 1 x cm of fresh turmeric root, 1 x passion fruit, 3 x tbs each of coconut milk & nectar, 100g of walnuts, 300g of coconut water. Blend. Serve. Enjoy. Repeat.

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