By Arno Maasdorp

I’ve been keeping a close eye on the genius community garden project masterminded by the good folk of Transition Town Hastings. The idea is straightforward: raised beds with herbs and vegetables and fruit trees have been planted on Platform 2 of St Leonards Warrior Square. Green fingered volunteers cultivate the lush green bank now in full bloom so we can help ourselves to its spoils when we pass through. Sprigs of tarragon, rosemary and chives sits beside a variety of lettuce crops and berries. Beans and courgettes soaking up the sun under nets surrounded by poppies, daisies and nasturtiums. 

Community garden St. Leonards Warrior Square

Thank you for this delightful inventive plot, a true feast for the eye as well as the table. Please have a peek at their website and show your support for one of the projects running at the moment, you can find them here:

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