BY Holly Johnson

Summer may be drawing to an end but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still take advantage of the abundance of beautiful, bright berries to make us feel amazing!

Optimum health and wellbeing begins from the inside so here’s a nutritious, delicious smoothie blend that’s bursting with micronutrients, vitamins and essential minerals:

You will need:
1 x punnet of fresh strawberries,
1 x frozen banana,
100g of almonds,
3 x tbsp each of coconut nectar/milk,
2 x tsp of pea protein powder,
300ml of coconut water & ice. 

Simply blend until all ingredients are smoothie and creamy and serve over ice! If you have any spare, pop into either an ice cube tray or a lollipop mould! You have yourselves a quick and easy snack for any time of the day!!!

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