This soup is absolutely jam-packed full of beautiful, healing ingredients. Turmeric is an amazing anti-inflammatory and cumin is a natural immune-booster; so essential for the winter months.

Keeping our gut flora balanced is paramount for achieving overall good health and well-being. The restorative power of nourishing our bodies with an abundance of fresh foods, herbs and spices is far-reaching and can have an amazing and lasting impact on our health.

This recipe will soothe, calm and restore the gut and it just so happens to taste rather divine, too!

You will need
1 x small onion, 1 x carrot, 2 x sticks of celery,1 x squash (chopped and cubed), 1 x sweet potato, 1 x tsp turmeric, 1 x tsp ground cumin, 1 x tsp paprika, cumin seeds, dairy-free yogurt, salt & pepper to taste.

1 Cube squash, season & roast for 35 minutes.
2 Finely chop onion, carrot & celery and fry in a little coconut oil (until onion is translucent).
3 Add squash plus turmeric and cumin to the pan and cover with gluten-free stock. Simmer for 20 minutes.
4 Cube sweet potato, cover with paprika and roast until crispy.
5 Blend contents of pan and season.
6 Top soup with dairy-free yogurt, croutons and a sprinkle of cumin seeds.

Hey presto! A delicious bowl of restorative, healing and energy-boosting soup to warm your cockles on a cold, blustery day.


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