By Holly Johnson

Well aren’t you just the most beautiful, autumnal chalice of nourishing, aromatic, bursting with flavour, joy?!?

If, like me, you simply love a cup of tea, but you’re trying to cut back on your caffeine intake, then this heady blend of flavours is the perfect addition to your daily hot bevvy repertoire.

Being naturally caffeine-free and loaded with vitamins, this mix is sure to revive, restore and energise (the addition of ginger gives it an extra zingy kick!). Ginger is an amazing anti-inflammatory and it also helps to cleanse the liver; both very important during the colder months when our bodies need an extra helping of, well, everything!

This tea is best enjoyed hot (cinnamon stick stirrer completely essential, of course!) and to make this delicious concoction, you will need:

1 x Orange (juice and some of the rind), 1 x inch of grated ginger, half a tsp of ground ginger, 1 x clove, coconut nectar (to sweeten), 1 x mug of hot water. Put all ingredients into a pan and gently heat. Bring to the boil and serve in your favourite mug!

Hey presto! You have yourself the most delightful and fragrant drink that not only tastes amazing, it will boost energy levels, help to clear toxins from the body and it will warm your cockles, too. Bingo!

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