How would you feel if your wine was made of less than 50% of grapes?

At The C Note Ltd, we believe that cacao is for chocolate what grapes are for wine so we take great care in sourcing our cacao. We hunt it from small to medium farms mostly in Trinidad & Tobago and Panama.

Because we love the taste of cacao, we make 72% cacao dark single estate & single harvest chocolate. Like wine, our black gold matures, only from 2 months to a year so far. We are growing old and working hard on it.

We offer you real chocolate made with cacao sourced from the best trees in the world, the Trinitario variety that accounts for less then 15% of the world production.

One key part of chocolate making is the fermentation of the cacao beans through which most of the astringency disappears. This is key for a fine chocolate. Traditionally this process brings the temperature over 42 degrees Celsius, so it is strictly speaking not a raw product anymore.

After the fermentation comes the drying done under the heat of the direct Caribbean sun and then the roasting to reveal the complex aromas of our cacao.

Most companies that offer raw chocolate, call it raw because the cacao beans are not roasted but is it really raw if fermented and dried as described above?

What we commonly call chocolate might not be chocolate after all and raw chocolate might not be that raw.

One thing we can be sure of is that if we have 72% dark chocolate we are more likely to experience what is real chocolate and it is healthy.

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