By Safiya Young

August has been a very exciting month, in terms of cooking. Women’s Voice, a “non-profit CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) run by and for women in Hastings and St Leonards”, recently hosted a series of workshops to promote the Hastings and Rother Refugee Buddy Project. They are the proud new receivers of Tampon Tax funds, and what better way to mark this than to celebrate the cooking skills of women in our community.

Though facilitated by Home Ground Kitchen*, the first two events were held at OPEN, the main venue of Hastings Buddy Project. These events were centred around original recipes for Syrian jam and pickles. Then, after a session of planning, the finale saw a group of amazing women take over Home Ground Kitchen for an Arabic feast. They compiled a menu of Syrian, Moroccan and Sudanese food including aubergine peanut stew and freekeh with lamb. All the dishes were freshly made and happily scoffed within the first half hour. They called their team the ‘Super Ladies’, and they certainly lived up to it.

Thank you to Women’s Voice’s Ann Kramer and their founder Shiva Serati, Kate and Savannah, owners of Home Ground Kitchen and Rossana Leal, founder of Hastings and Rother Refugee Buddy project, for making this event possible. We hope you continue to aid and empower the women of our brilliant and diverse community.

* OPEN is a community space for marginalized groups, 19 Grand Parade. 

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