Photographs by Fizzel Castro

Over 1,000 people attended the Hastings Rally Against Racism in Alexandra Park on the 7th June. The organisers held the socially distant event for the people of Hastings to “stand together to show our solidarity, consider the impact of racism, and commit to what we can do to promote positive change.”

Photographer Fizzel Castro said: “I never could have never predicted this turn out of people. I felt truly humbled to know it’s not only me working for a better future. We’ve got work to do but I’m happy that there’s so many of you that want to work too!”

Castro, 31, grew up in Brixton.  He graduated from Brighton University and now works as a freelance cinematographer. He said: “I aim to, as a photographer, document life and its many scenarios. That’s why I started using a camera to document what was happening around me and what I saw with my eyes.”

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