That Dominic Cummings’ in-competent self-serving ad-ministration is in ideological turmoil is now clear. Behind the thin veneer of sobriety, they and their financiers were too busy guzzling the utopian champagne of a no-deal Brexit to notice the approaching car-crash. Covid-19 rapidly unmasked their mendacious denials about the wilful dismantling of the NHS and worse, their decision to disregard the urgent advice given to them by Exercise Cygnus, the Government’s 2016 pandemic drill, which exposed the inadequacy of the UK’s preparations for events such as this. To the unprepared, small mistakes turn quickly to disaster. Even though the Coronavirus penny appears to have finally dropped (Stay Alert!), they all know what happened to Churchill in 1945 (save the planet from the Nazi terror, a quick tour of the world waving your cigar about, then the sack), and are beginning to suspect it might soon happen to them. Once the exhilaration of VE day had worn off, the British population refused to allow the wool to be pulled over their eyes again, having just been cruelly reminded that the ultimate destination of systems based on greed, monopoly and personal acquisition is a state of chronic domestic inequality and international conflict. 

The backbone of democracy, our national press, is in dire straits because their primary source of income, advertising, has all but vanished. To correct that, the UK’s business and financial sector, (which aside from supplying most of our cabinet also provides that vital advertising revenue), actively primed newspapers right across the political spectrum to encourage a relaxation of the lockdown by putting out irresponsible headlines like The Sun’s HAPPY MONDAY (which many of their readers took to mean Relax it’s all over, party like it’s VE day)

With this much conflict of interest within a government awash with misinformation, is it any wonder the country is in confusion and disarray?


Even the foaming-at-the-mouth-right-wing media are beginning to wonder aloud about Barking Boris. Factions in his own party are pushing for an end to lockdown as their business friends pressurise them to restart the economy, whereas others are more cautious. As you read this, our primary schools are either full of happy, self-isolating children (it’s their natural state you know), or they are not. In the Daily Mail, England’s teachers will be either objectified as cowards, simply for refusing to do something based on a garbled, unfocussed payload of conflicting advice from ill-informed, poorly prepared cabinet spokesmen; or cheered on as heroes, like those who staff our stripped-to-the-bone NHS, or Tennyson’s brave and unsuspecting Light Brigade. Looking after very young children is NOT like serving behind the checkout of a supermarket and requires a completely different set of rules. By following proper advice from their unions, the teachers of England (note the absence of Scotland, Ulster and Wales) are doing exactly the right thing in exercising caution. After all, even the sacrificial infantry of the Western Front had gas masks and tin hats.

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