If you don’t recognise the boiling resentment of 1933 Germany being reflected in this evil gang of swivel-eyed villains, the engineers of a coup that has just taken over the government of the UK, then you are blind, mad, or simply not interested in history. Take a hard look at some pre-war European documentary footage – footage of people just like you and I. Ordinary folk manipulated by liars, cheats, gamblers and ambitious fools, all of them united in a determination to acquire wealth and power by any means. Ring any bells? Watch and weep as an entire country (formerly yours), is hypnotised by its own car crash. 

Even readers (if that is not too strong a word), of The Sun, will have been surprised at its editorial endorsement of the new government ‘special adviser’ Dominic ‘take back control’ Cummings. Describing him as the “Vote Leave genius”, the despicable rag then goes on to commend his “explosive and ruthless drive”, explaining that he has no tolerance for “backsliding” or “obstructive behaviour”.

Let’s get something out in the open right now. This unelected sociopath has no place in a democratic government. He is nothing more than a shameless manipulator of public opinion, whose dubious ‘skills’ are for sale to the highest bidder. The electorate should waste no more time dithering – speak out and tell this malodorous turd to shove his ideas where The Sun don’t shine.

I have a fan. A concerned lady has written to HIP pointing out that “Libbytroll’s” (sic) reference, in Issue 132, to the Catholic catechism as
taught to schoolchildren, was somewhat outdated. Apparently they don’t do it any more (and a good thing too). The reference was, of course, satirical, and more to the point, written by me, a permanently scarred victim of the idolatrous mumbo-jumbo and sanctimonious fake piety which constitutes the Roman Catholic approach to child rearing. Nevertheless, I am willing to concede that a sense of humour may well be entirely unnecessary to some, particularly when it comes to the pursuit of what I like to call pedantic narcissism. As a recovering cathaholic on the twelve-step program, I genuinely offer the lady my sincere and heartfelt condolences.

I look forward to sackloads of suggestions for our caption competition (see above).  First prize is a night out with Michael Gove and Amber. Second prize is two nights out.

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