Nigel Farage, desperately channelling the Jarrow marchers of 1936, put up a message on his Facebook page accompanied by a photo of him in his used car salesman coat and spiv hat. Looking pie-eyed and clutching his trademark man-of-the-people pint, he claimed to be gargling a pre-match top-up in order to get him in the mood for rousing his rabble. His rabble, incidentally, chose as their geographical starting point the £437m EU-subsidised and heavily pro-Brexit town of Sunderland. I wonder if Nigel plans to stand in the upcoming EU elections – a situation which could arise should Article 50 be extended beyond July1st? And will he lead Sunderland’s unemployed on another march, after Nissan (7,000 workers plus peripheral suppliers) pulls out, and the EU’s funding dries up? On the other hand, perhaps he will be enjoying his £73,000 EU pension and €190,968 ‘golden parachute’ payment somewhere else, like, er… Europe?

Interesting to hear a dedicated no-deal hard-Brexit Tory MP interviewed on Radio 5 the other morning, arguing that our Prime Minister ought to be given the benefit of hindsight. Have they no sense of shame? (rhetorical Q). How about granting the British public a bit of hindsight? (No: 17.4M voted. The people have spoken. We won. End of. Brexit means Brexit. Beanz Meanz Heinz. WTO rules OK? etc. etc. ad nauseam). As we go to press, Theresa May is planning to go before parliament to present the same deal for the THIRD time. (Didn’t I hear a Brexiteer object to a ‘people’s vote’ by saying: “This is a travesty of democracy. These people just want to re-run the referendum over and over until they get the answer they want”?) 

I heard someone crowing about the fact that that there were four English football clubs in the Champions League quarter finals. Could that have anything to do with the fact that these mainly foreign-owned and funded clubs have used their proprietors’ bottomless pits of cash to purchase some of the best players from the rest of the world? I’m only arsking.

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