By Julia Hilton

Hastings Green Party and Printed Matter Bookshop are co-hosting author Guy Shrubsole talking about his book Who Owns England? on Monday 23rd March at 6.00 pm at St Mary in the Castle Cafe, entrance by £2 donation on the door.

For centuries, England’s elite have covered up how they got their hands on millions of acres of our land, by constructing walls, burying surveys and more recently, sheltering behind offshore shell companies. But with the dawn of digital mapping and the Freedom of Information Act, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for them to hide. 

Guy Shrubsole

It feels particularly apt that Guy is coming to Hastings, where the Norman robber barons first arrived. Their descendants still own vast tracts of land across the country just by virtue of having been born into the right family. 

With land goes power and it is becoming increasingly obvious that we need to find more equitable ways of owning and managing land. The growth in community land trusts and the ideas of commoning are part of that solution. Many local community businesses struggle to find suitable premises, and many local buildings have been empty for years. It’s time to shine a light on these empty premises and find a way to use them for public good. This is something that concerns the whole community so come and join the debate.

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