The message of Dying Matters Week

To mark last week’s Dying Matters Awareness Week, Hospice UK has released new research findings which may surprise you.  Apparently 72% of bereaved adults would rather friends and colleagues “said the wrong thing” than nothing at all; 62% of those taking part reported that “being happy to listen” was one of the top three most useful things someone could do after they were bereaved.

As many people face the unexpected death of loved ones due to Covid-19, St Michael’s Hospice is joining Hospice UK and calling for people to take courage and speak to people about death and bereavement to support those in our society who are dying or grieving. 

Tracey Bleakley, CEO of Hospice UK, explained how important it is to us to talk about death and grief, particularly when as a nation we are facing higher numbers of unexpected deaths as a result of Covid-19: “These issues sadly have a taboo about them, which is unhealthy and can leave people suffering in silence.”

She said that we owe it to each other to take part in these conversations as many people are “dying to be heard”, and we all need to listen: “We know people will find it easier to manage grief and sorrow if we focus on listening when someone we know brings up dying, grief, or wants to talk about practical matters like funeral arrangements or wills.”

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