By Julia Mortimer

I’ve not written about the exploits of my mother, Celia, for a while now but am happy to report that all is well in Hastings Court (HC), the care home where she lives with my father, John. In Celia world, she is a young mother again and has a ‘baby’ which she cares for all day long. This has been the case for quite some time now but her carers could see problems ahead when the ancient doll that had been playing the part of the baby began to disintegrate. While they were able to reassure her that one dodgy eye just ‘needed drops’, a missing arm was a little more difficult to explain. As a result of this, two things happened. Firstly, the HC managers ordered a new baby doll to be delivered to the home. Secondly, Kaiya, the 10-year old daughter of Celia’s carer, Dana, offered one of her own dolls (Olivia) on the condition that she could ‘see that Celia would look after her’.

Kaiya checks on Celia’s baby caring skills

When so much is written about care homes that fail their residents in numerous ways, it seems important to report the kindness shown at HC by both management and carers who even involve
their families in the thoughtfulness and devotion they extend to
their residents.

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