An egg tooth is a tooth-like structure on the beaks of baby birds (and egg-laying mammals) used to break through the egg’s surface during hatching. One of the wonders of nature. And just like a modern-day miracle, The Eggtooth Project has just been awarded £47,445 – enabling their new project, The Egg, to take off and fly.

The Eggtooth Project is a not-for-profit enterprise founded in April 2012 by Sally Greig and Laura Clarke with the aim of creating complementary educational programmes to tackle the under-achievement of disadvantaged students in Hastings.

They initially provided a service in partnership with schools, but when government funding cuts threatened to undermine this, they were determined to ‘just get on and do something’, so they relaunched themselves as a stand-alone service. The Egg was born, still under the Eggtooth brand, funded by £10,000 from the National Lottery Awards for All. 

The additional £47,445 funding was awarded to them as joint winners of the National Lottery Meridian East People’s Project award with 2,189 public votes. 

The support they give focusses directly on disadvantaged children’s needs rather than imposing something on them that perhaps doesn’t fit. They make use of art, dance, drama and the wild outdoors and offer a wide range of therapies. “This is what makes us unique,” says Sally.

There are two other strands to the Eggtooth Project: Incubate provides professional mentoring and live performance opportunities for young people aged 12–21. This is funded by Arts Council England and supported by Tom Chaplin of Keane and local singer Marie White; Hatch is a plan in development for a state-of-the-art training centre where young people and young adults can learn all aspects of working and thriving in the catering and hospitality industry.

The Egg seems to be pulling off the feat of professionalism with compassion, expertise with a human touch and more importantly, reaching the children who just need a bit of support and encouragement to succeed in life.

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