A song for our time

“In the saddest of situations, a beauty can arise, a new way of looking at the world. This song arose as a response to the times we all found ourselves in, and with the help and support of a group of friends with IT, social media, production skills and bags of enthusiasm, the idea became a reality.” So says Jacqueline Baughurst of Rising Sussex who produced the song and video.

All they needed was the voice of an angel, and that’s when Katie Wren flew into their lives and agreed to sing the song. 

The Days That Never Came was released last week in aid of four local charities: The Sara Lee Trust, Barby Keel Animal Sanctuary, Warming Up The Homeless and Bexhill Foodbank.

The song’s writer, Joe Gallastegui, explains how the song came about: “Suddenly, out of the blue, as if in some strange film, everything changed. All those things we had planned to do – parties, weddings, walks, working, school – had to be put on hold. Everything stopped, almost in one day.” 

Everyone has had to live through those days – the days that would never happen – in different and unforeseen ways: “Slowly we all learned to do new things: make rainbows, Zoom quizzes, home schooling and working remotely. Yet we all came together as a community, clapping for carers, making scrubs and masks, and helping our neighbours.”

The community was invited to send in images of ‘their’ lockdown for an accompanying video and the response has been overwhelming. As Jacqui says: “It’s all about people coming together, helping each other, it’s about community, ‘our community’.”

This led to the hashtag idea; charities up and down the country are struggling to raise funds. “The Days That Never Came is our vision to raise money for some of our local charities. This is our song, and this is our version: #whatsyourversion,” Says Jacqui.

But everyone, everywhere, is invited to cover the song, as long as it benefits a registered charity. Whether you are Robbie from Stoke or Rachel from Rotherham. Known or unknown. Reggae, jazz, hip hop or a choir, you can make your own version and help raise money in your community for your local charity, with your own local version. 

For more visit risingsussex.co.uk

Full lyrics to The Days That Never Came

Softly fall the silent tears
Of heavens darkest reign
As we surrender up our dreams to
The days that never came
The door is slowly closing
To a world now left behind
Images fast fading
Dissolving in our minds
Nothing now is fixed for
So much more can change
It’s hard to see tomorrow from
The day’s that never cameSo we sing the songs of old
Somehow all seems strange
All the plans we ever made for
The days that never cameWe talk of what we were
Of all that used to be
Before we crossed that unseen line to
This broken symmetry
Horizons almost lost
It’s hard to find our way
The darkness hangs so close now
Till there is nothing left to say
Words are lost to silence
Accept for those who quietly pray
The places that we came from
Now seem so far away
Different shapes are forming
On the shadows that we cast
How quick we are stripped away
Our illusions of the passed
Were the riches we amassed
All gathered up in vain
I would surrender all I have
Just to touch your face againSo I sing my song to you
In sweet but sad refrain
Of all that we were meant to be in
The days that never cameNow the night is falling
The sun slips slow away
We wonder if we’ll ever see
The days that never came
But there is a light still shining
Back from whence we came
That carries forth our hopes and dreams for
The days that still remain
In some new tomorrow
Beyond the sadness and the pain
On the other side of sorrow
We shall arise againSo we sing the songs of old
For nothing now seems strange
Innocence lost to the legends of
The days that never cameOut there- a world is waiting
On a moment still to come
When distance lies defeated
This silent war is won
Soon it will be over and
We shall meet again
Then we’ll sit and talk tell our stories of
The days that never came
Yes we’ll sing our songs of old
In sweet but sad refrain
Loves lost the story of
The days that never came
So we sing our song for all till
We shall meet again
Of times lost to the story of
The days that never came.

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