Local church-based walking group The Amblers are joining with other church groups, friends and anyone wanting to show their solidarity with or reflect on the plight of the many tens of millions of refugees and migrants feeling lost in the world.

The Amblers will be holding a walk, interspersed with stops for talk and refereshment, to connect with national Refugee Week. The form of the event is inspired by the Walk the World movement and 2015’s ‘Walk with Francis’ pledge. Walking can give people pause for reflection, as well as a may of interacting more substantially with the areas and community around them.

The walk will take place on Thursday 28th June, beginning at 9.20 am at St John the Evangelist Church, Upper Church Road, and finishing around 1.45pm at St Thomas of Canterbury Church. The almost three mile route will encompass five Churches, with stories being told and prayer being held at each.

For more information about Refugee Week, running from today to the 24th June, see the website refugeeweek.org.uk/

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