East Sussex Save the NHS Campaign will be showing the film Groundswell: The Grassroots Battle for the NHS in Eastbourne on Sunday 20th January. After the film has been shown we will be having a short time for discussion. The film maker John Furse will be joining us for the afternoon and will take questions during the discussion time. This event is free and open to all although organisers would ask anyone interested to register on Eventbrite.


The East Sussex Save the NHS Campaign was set up with the aim of uniting those people in the region who are fighting to protect the NHS. In East Sussex there are already many groups and people who feel angered as they watch our healthcare services become undermined. We have already lost services at our hospitals, seen problems with patient transport services, lost bed numbers in psychiatric services reduced, seen pay freezes imposed on staff and many other changes. But more changes are looming on the horizon that threaten our right to healthcare and may push us into an American style model of healthcare provision.

The Campaign aims to be a vehicle through which groups can talk about actions they are taking in support of our NHS and appeal for others to join forces with them. It may also be a useful tool through which individuals can find out about all the actions being taken in the region and so decide how to get involved. All our voices will be louder if they are united.

At the event on the 20th there will be an appeal for anyone who may be interested in joining a small organising committee. It is hoped that we will be able to get at least one person from each of the different towns in East Sussex onto the committee. The event on the 20th is in Eastbourne but if this campaign is to be truly an East Sussex campaign then we really need people from Hastings and other towns to try and get to this event. In future the campaign will aim to hold events in towns outside of Eastbourne.


Upstairs at the Crown and Anchor,

15-16 Marine Parade,



2pm on Sunday 20th January


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