This press release was given by the Bare Supplies team, George and Ella.

Bare Supplies is a new local business looking to open its doors this spring; we’re a family run business on an eco-friendly, plastic-reducing mission. Our shop is going to be zero waste and single-use plastic free, run by locals for locals.

George and Ella: the Bare Supplies Team

Big supermarkets are not giving the public options when it comes to plastic, but we’ve seen other zero waste shops opening across the country and want to follow suit, helping people to cut out the plastic on food goods, toiletries and cleaning products. Our shop will have state of the art dispensing equipment to keep products fresh, hygienic and easy to decant into containers. We will be offering consumables such as rice, pasta, tea, coffee, dried fruit and vegan chocolate to name a few, unpackaged and plastic free!

The shopping experience is quite simple: bring along your own container (or buy one of ours) weigh it, fill it up with the product you want, weigh again, and pay!

Alongside consumables, the shop will stock eco-friendly alternatives to everyday items: we will offer refills on laundry detergent, hair care products (such as shampoo) and a wide range of other liquids.

But we need your help! To open our dream shop, we need the support of the community and local people. We are launching a crowdfunder at the beginning of February. As a small start up, looking to open not just a shop but a place for the community to help provide resources, education and support, the only way we can make it happen is with you on board. The four main areas we are raising money for are:

1. To secure premises.
2. The specialist equipment needed.
3. The initial bulk order of stock.
4. The shop refurbishment.

To achieve these four things, we will need to raise £25,000. Our crowdfunding campaign is live from 1st February to the 26th March with an exciting array of goodies to be had with each pledge amount. You can find the link to find out more on our Facebook page, Instagram bio and website ​

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