We wrote in Post Pandemic Planning (HIP Issue 153) that we would continue to focus on this key issues for Hastings. Since then several more reports have emerged to join that mentioned in the article by Alastair Fairley of HEART.

Amongst others is one written by the Simon Hubbard, former Director of Regeneration at Hastings Borough Council, and a report by EBS Consulting on the wider issues facing East Sussex, commissioned by the County Council.

While these reports are being discussed and a strategy for post pandemic planning being worked out, HEART have demonstrated their commitment to the future of Hastings by renaming themselves: Hastings Emergency Action and Regeneration Team.

We will be writing more about the plans for Hastings and the part HEART will play in our next issue. In the meantime, as well as a change of name and their planned role in the economic recovery, they have significantly increased the information resource on their website, continue to supply volunteers to the voluntary sector, and are raising money for the town with the social media Have a Heart campaign which you can join at hastingsheart.com

You can read the HVA report on hastingsvoluntaryaction.org.uk

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