The evil Dr Black has been brutally murdered. With his reputation for going out of his way to upset people, there is no shortage of suspects for this vicious crime. But the field has been narrowed down to six people who had special motives, and the opportunity, to do him in. With six potential locations and six possible murder weapons as well, the detectives have their work cut out. Maybe the public can help find the answer.

This is the premise of Murder in the Belfry, a fundraising event organised as part of the Strike Back Against Blood Cancer campaign. Put together by bell-ringer Julie McDonnell, who is undergoing treatment for the disease, this movement has already produced significant funds with a wide variety of events. This murder mystery event, supported by Winning Moves, the UK distributor for Cluedo, offers entrants a cash prize for correctly guessing the solution. The final answer will be determined during a day of ringing on Friday 9 December, with entry to the competition open until 8 December. To find out more about the campaign, and make your own “deduction” about the crime, visit the campaign website at