Arts on Prescription aims to link the appropriate Creative Service with NHS, Health Care and Community Services to provide creative reminiscence and confidence-building activities to enhance wellbeing and reduce social isolation. Sir Quentin Blake has contributed to their latest project.

As part of their evolving activities, Arts on Prescription (AoP) has just launched a lockdown project to engage the whole community and is looking for participants. As Tara Reddy, project team coordinator says: “We are living in an unprecedented time, a time that will one day be read about in history books.”  

The Arts on Prescription Lockdown History Project 2020 is designed to enable people to write their own page in history, local families documenting their everyday life through lockdown in a fun and interactive way using the activity book that can be downloaded using the link below. Completed work can then be submitted to AoP to display as a collective community and as a lasting peoples’ living history project.

When AoP approached Sir Quentin Blake, he thought it was a great idea and agreed to do some of the illustrations for the activity book. He also designed an illustration for Arts on Prescription as a whole, so as Tara says: “We now have the honour of using this unique design to head our service.”

 To download the booklet go to

For information on other AoP activities visit

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