St.Leonards Academy

Time 2 Dance reached its 16th birthday at the White Rock, this February. It’s a huge, three-day dance extravaganza involving over 870 students, from 32 schools and numerous community groups around Hastings and Rother.

This mind-bendingly complicated feat has been achieved by Sandra Pamplin, Marion Dawson and Teresa Bennet, who have all danced, taught people to dance and been dedicated to keeping dance alive, for everyone in Hastings. Hastings and Rother schools partnership and E-Youth Dance work together to provide affordable dance classes all around the area.

“Dance and dancing has a profound effect on a lot of people” says Sandra Pamplin.

Little common school

They also work with students with special needs from Saxon Mount School. One of the students from Saxon Mount now teaches a class herself,“there’s no stopping her,” says Sandra.

Interestingly, it has become a more political undertaking, the growing depletion of physical exercise in school has exacerbated the rise in mental illness in children and the surge in childhood obesity. A direct result of the futile regurgitation of tests to satisfy Ofsted. The organisers of this event have seen a dramatic decline in the wellness of our youth. “Some children are kinetic learners, they need to move around to learn,” says Marion Dawson.

West St.Leonards Primary Academy

The White Rock Theatre give the auditorium to Time2Dance for free and the ticket sales get passed directly back to the charity so that they can subsidise and create the event, plus offer affordable dance classes to all the community.

The event was brilliant and of a really high standard, with children from 5 to students
over 30. It was emotional to watch because the children were so talented and nervous.
It is a remarkable achievement to keep this part of the Arts alive with children from all parts of our community. 


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