Heart of Hastings CLT launches its Investors’ Collective

On Friday 9 December, the Heart of Hastings Community Land Trust (CLT) will launch its “Investors’ Collective’’ – an opportunity for people to invest ethically in local property to make sure it stays affordable now and for the future.

What is a Community Land Trust?
Community Land Trusts are local organisations set up and run by ordinary people to develop and manage homes, as well as other assets important to the community like small enterprises, food growing or work spaces. The main task of any CLT is to make sure these homes are genuinely affordable, based on what people earn in their area – not just for now, but for every future occupier.

What is the Heart of Hastings?
The Heart of Hastings CLT is a registered Community Benefit Society established in March 2016 after more than a year of business planning, strategy shaping and people meeting. It aims to create good quality affordable housing and workspace in Hastings, protecting our diverse neighbourhoods through socially driven investment and long-term co-ownership. By providing affordable, capped rents we are able to offer security to tenants who would otherwise be at risk of displacement from the immediate area. Our two flagship projects are: buying properties into community freehold in the White Rock area and supporting a community self-build in the Ore Valley. We want to see DIY regeneration through strong community involvement and long-term ownership. We can create and protect spaces in the poorest parts of Hastings so that people can still afford to live and work here despite the anticipated negative effects of gentrification. Whilst accepting change, we also have the chance to create it with motivated people who will collectively manage their own communities and neighbourhoods.

About the Investors’ Collective
This is an opportunity for local people who want to invest £5,000 to £50,000 to help the CLT purchase an initial property in the White Rock area and begin a property portfolio for affordable, secure rent. When the property has been successfully renovated and rented out, the capital can then be refinanced through a mortgage with a social lender and reinvested into the next property. If you are interested in attending the launch or want to know more, our investment information will be available from the beginning of December.

Everyone can invest!
The Investors’ Collective is specifically to raise funds for an initial property in White Rock. Soon EVERYONE with a minimum of £25 will be able to buy a Community Share in the Heart of Hastings CLT to support the projects in Ore Valley and White Rock. Watch this space tofind out more!

Please contact:
[email protected]