Calling all hypochondriacs. There’s a quiz to take your mind off Covid-19 and the answers are all kinds of illnesses and health problems! The three entries with the highest number of correct answers will win the prizes of £25, £15 and £10.

Deepening a well

The Quiz has been organised by the Hastings Sierra Leone Friendship Link which connects the peoples of Hastings, UK and Hastings, Sierra Leone to promote reconstruction and friendship. 

As they say on their website: “We shan’t be able to raise funds by organising events for a long time – but the need for water and sanitation is still just as strong in our partner schools in Hastings Sierra Leone.” A recent survey revealed that some schools did not even have a water supply!

So, the Link has come up with a mid-year quiz sheet that offers hours of fun: the clues range from the easy to the quite challenging. 

Once you have paid online and downloaded the quiz, you can fill the answers in at your leisure, either off-line, or by printing it out and doing it the pen-and-paper way. Then, you can email your answers or send them by post. AND there’s a whopping eight weeks to get the answers right!

It’s fun, but the cause is serious; and as Robin Gray, Hon Sec, Hastings Sierra Leone Friendship Link, says: “We now know that Covid-19 has reached Sierra Leone, and although the authorities are tackling it seriously, it could easily get to Hastings SL. We know how vital hand-washing is, so the Link’s current project, to improve the water supply and sanitation in the dozen schools that we support in the Hastings SL area, will take on even greater urgency.” 

Building a pump room

The way the community of Hastings and St Leonards has come together during the current pandemic has been epic, even receiving positive comments from the County Council itself. And by sharing the same names, we have a common bond with the community in Hastings, Sierra Leone.

The little town appealed to Hastings for help when it was ravaged by war in the 1990s. The Hastings Sierra Leone Friendship Link was set up and has been providing humanitarian aid ever since, helping the community during the Ebola crisis and again when the community took in orphans from the Freetown mudslide. The current pandemic presents a new challenge.  

To take part in the quiz go to

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