To make sure there aren’t any misunderstandings, we feel there are two definitions of ‘ledge’ that are appropriate here:

Place: Somewhere you can stick things like mementos, and even friends. As Fairport Convention once sang: “We’re gonna meet on the ledge.”

Person: Someone who is well known (or should be) for doing something great or incredible – often an exaggeration to make them sound more important than they really are – ‘a legend!’. 

So the Community Ledge is a place where we want to showcase someone who needs recognition for being a stand-out member of our community. 

They will be picked with great care by a panel of experts – or at least given a bit of thought by a few people at HIP. But we need your help in deciding, so get onto social media and talk up anyone you think should be there or get in touch [email protected]

Our first choice is Alison Cooper, in recognition of her tireless community work and all-round sparkiness. Click here to read the interview.

The Albion has agreed to sponsor the whole fandango and they will be treating those making it onto the ledge with a celebrity meal.

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