There has never been a shortage of community involvement in Hastings and St Leonards, particularly by those interested in creating a greener future. With recent funding from the Co-operative Foundation and the Postcode Local Trust, Energise South Coast is now planning to focus that engagement in collaboration with Hastings Transition Town and Hastings & St Leonards Extinction Rebellion. 

The plan is for a Climate Action Hub, a space where green groups can work together and with the wider community for a greener future. Such a hub could: create space for discussions, learning, ideas and connections; help build knowledge; incubate new projects and businesses; demonstrate sustainable technologies and practices – and many other things. 

And now is your chance to give your input to this exciting project.

So go to and have your say. But before you do, you might want to think about how you would answer some of the questions:
• What is your vision for the climate action hub?
• Which organisations/ groups/ individuals should be involved in making this happen? 
• Which role (if any) would you like to play in helping to establish a Climate Action Hub?
• Do you know any suitable venues or spaces for the Hub?

And as you do so, imagine the greener future we are all hoping for. Think of what the Climate Action Hub needs to do to achieve success: What is in the hub? Who is in the hub and what do they need? What resources are there? What space is there? Who uses it and why? What type of building or outside space is it? Where is it located?

Get involved and help make it a reality.

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