While Hastings Week 2019 might now seem part of ‘that year’, it was this year, 2020 that the winners of events of Hastings Week were honoured at a special Prize Giving Evening at Muriel Matters House. 

Hosted by Nigel Hogben, the chair of the Hastings Week Committee, guests included the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, and former Magpie presenter, actress and radio presenter Jenny Hanley, who helped organise the poetry competition.

Hastings Week commemorates the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings on 14 October 1066. We know the winner in 1066 but the main winners in 2019 were (see full list below): 

∙ Sofia Nanji-Perez for the under 11 poetry competition, and Claire Humm for the adult competition.

∙ The Cornish Bakery in George Street, for the Pam Brown trophy and certificate for the best dressed window in Hastings Week.

∙ Bruce Dowling for the Bowskill Trophy, presented to an individual, association, group, force or organisation that has particularly contributed to Hastings week.

Nigel Hogben highlighted the time and effort that people had put into making Hastings Week the fantastic event it is, saying: “It is only right that we should recognise what people do.” He said he was particularly pleased that Bruce Dowling won the Bowskill Trophy as “he worked tirelessly before, during and after the week behind the scenes to make sure everything ran smoothly.”

While thanking Nigel Hogben and the volunteers Cllr Sinden highlighted that Hastings Week, has grown from a single day when it started over 50 years ago to around ten days now. “As well as a great community celebration, it helps put Hastings on the map regionally, nationally and internationally,” he said.

“I love Hastings Week!” said Cllr Bacon. “I was very pleased at the standard of entries to the poetry competition. I am particularly grateful to Jenny Hanley for all of her help.”

The full list of award winners is as follows :

Winner: Bruce Dowling
Certificate of Merit: Renegade Pyrotechnics
Certificate of Merit: SOSKAN

Pam Brown Trophy & Certificate: Cornish Bakery
Ray Goode Trophy & Certificate: Little Treasures
Highly Commended: Penbuckles
Highly Commended: Simply Garden

Adult Category Winners
1st Place: Claire Humm
2nd Place:  Stephanie Gaunt 
3rd Place: Brian Docherty 

Under 11/Child Category Winners
1st Place:  Sofia Nanji-Perez
2nd Place:  Milla Tyrrell 
3rd Place: Hamish Leggett 

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