An occasional column by well-known Hastings resident Glenn Veness
in which he expresses his opinions in flamboyant style.

Before I lose half my friends in Hastings and 99% of HIP readers, may I quote Michael Dobbs, author of A House of Cards. “Where we agree, let us rejoice. Where we disagree, let us discuss. And where we cannot agree, let us do so as friends.”

So now my take on the present climate crisis! So much hypocrisy. I mean, I saw a comedian performing to thousands at the O2, going on about the climate, smiling smugly as the audience cheered wildly his consideration for our planet, while I sat thinking, “Couldn’t he have done all this on the radio and saved the audience coming out in their gas guzzling 4x4s?”.

The ‘squeaky clean’ BBC is as bad. They fly entire film crews around the world encouraging us to buy property abroad, then in the 6 o’clock News say we’re not doing enough to save Planet Earth.

Which brings me to Sir David. Every year it seems, he and his entourage fly to the Serengeti to film a lion attacking a poor old wildebeest so we can watch it desperately kick its legs as it sinks to the ground. Why doesn’t Mr Attenborough just recycle the original film? And doesn’t he consider we might evolve as the climate changes? Could we develop scales if it gets warmer? I know it’s possible as I used to watch the original Star Trek series.

I think the biggest threat to our environment is our gullibility to advertising, not the politicians. In the 50s people had tiny TV screens. We laughed. Over the years advertising encouraged us to buy bigger and bigger TVs, eventually taking up the entire front room wall. Having nowhere else to go, apart from the side of the house, they gave us mobile phones so we can watch films on a screen the size of a postage stamp.

We had LPs and were then told it was better on tapes, mini discs and CDs.  And then, LPs came back! If we genuinely put the planet first, we’d realise its only hope of survival is OUR extinction. Our greed is sucking the life out of our beautiful Earth.

Don’t fly so much. Don’t buy so many things. That’s your choice, not the politicians. We’re happy to complain as long as it doesn’t affect our lives.

What I’d do is put up the driving age to 21 and down to 80.  And the real benefit would be to see old and young coming together in harmony, united in their opposition, all glued to the same train shouting “HOW DARE YOU!” to commuters as they disappear into the tunnel at Canning Town! 

Glenn makes the case for individual responsibility
• Do you think it’s people, government or both working together?
• How can changes in the UK affect the rest of the world?
• And how can changes made in Hastings affect the rest of the UK?

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