Arts and Crafts Exhibition is here again

 Last year the Arts and Crafts Exhibition celebrated its 125th anniversary, and the next exhibition is appearing once again in The Stade hall to exhibit wondrous arts and crafts work for all, completely free

East Sussex Arts Club usually exhibits during the Jack in the Green celebrations, but this year it will start on the 21st and end on the 25 May. Opening at 10:00am you can view all manner of artwork and crafts made and created by those involved in the East Sussex Arts Club. The club is also looking for new members to join, so as well as seeing work made by local artists, you can also become a part of it all!

There is a mix of both professional and amateur artists shown at the exhibitions. The current president Dr Richard Baines, who used to be the past president of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters takes an active role and is an inspiration to the estimated 80 members of East Sussex Arts Club.

Some of the earliest patrons of this club included Princess Louise Duchess of Argyle, and Sir Luke Fildes, and that is just a touch of the rich history involved in this club. So why not head down to The Stade Hall this May and see the East Sussex Arts Club Exhibition, with all it’s rich history and local influence come to life in their arts and in their crafts and maybe become a part of it all yourself.

There are demonstrations, lectures and workshops throughout the year, meetings are the second Saturday every month at St Johns Church Hall; you can visit their site to find out more.

By Leanne Cannon

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