Sustainability on Sea (SoS) meets Wendy Goodsell. By Rachel Holtom

On weekdays, Wendy Goodsell works with the Parchment Trust, assisting young people with special needs. At weekends her concern is for the environment, in particular beach cleaning. 

Wendy travels all over the UK collecting rubbish from beaches and has just returned from the Isle of Skye where she and her husband Mark, another passionate eco-warrior, cleared the beach by their rented crofter’s cottage. There’s an otter haven close by and seals that she has swum with, so Wendy is particularly concerned about dangerous fishing industry debris which can injure and trap the island’s wildlife.

Wendy, an energetic 53-year-old with two children and three grandchildren, says she’s always been passionate about the environment and spends much of her spare time cleaning up our shores and helping wildlife. She doesn’t need to go abroad because everything she wants to do is right here in Britain – and never having had a passport she doesn’t fly, further helping the environment.

PICTURE: Dave Young

Her interest in beach cleaning started in earnest when she met Andy Dinsdale at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, a Site of Special Scientific Interest, and they have collaborated ever since. Her four-and-a-half-year-old grandchild Emilia goes with her on local trips, explaining to her friends, “I’ve got to save the whale”. Recently Wendy has collaborated with Coast magazine and done beach cleans with their editor. 

If you’d like to get involved in a beach clean close to home, every first Saturday in the month a friendly crowd of people meet by Hastings Pier and are issued with bags and litter pickers; children are particularly welcome.

Find more ways to help the natural world at our local eco-friendly festival, Sustainability on Sea, taking place on Saturday 21st and Sunday 29th September 2019. The event culminates in an all-day Big Green Fair with stall holders, information stands, talks, activities for children and entertainment at The Stade. 

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