During the Summer months Hastings Adventure Golf created a gelato ice cream to honour our NHS workers. It was a creamy vanilla-based gelato with skittles and coloured syrup throughout, aptly named, Eat the rainbow, their take on the Skittles advert Taste the rainbow. For every ice cream purchased £1 was donated to the Conquest hospital ICU. 

According to the general manager, Simon Tompkins, there was no real publicity for the fund raising scheme and people simply chose on the spot from the advertisement displayed at the Beach Retreat ice cream parlour which they run as part of the Beach Retreat food court. But last week, with everybody’s help, a cheque for £576 was handed over to the grateful staff on ICU – representing 576 Eat the Rainbow ice creams sold!

Commenting on her respect for hospital staff, Elvie Cotton, Hastings Adventure Golf catering manager says: “They work so hard, especially at this difficult time. We hope this small gesture will help during the winter months.”

What many people probably don’t realise is that the gelato sold by the ice cream parlour has been produced on site for the last eight years – and Elvie Cotton is responsible for making it. Many people might also be unclear about what gelato actually is and how it is different to ice cream:  well it contains more milk than cream and this means it freezes at a lower temperature than ice cream and therefore tastes cooler;  it is also churned more slowly than ice cream, which makes it denser and gives it a more intense flavour. The result, an alternative to ice cream that some people find lighter and more refreshing.

According to Simon it is much easier to be creative with gelato than with ice cream and so produce an almost unlimited number of different flavours. When asked how he came up with the idea for the fundraiser, he said that they had been looking for an alternative way of raising money than the more usual crazy golf competitions – although this works well and he is often approached by organisations to run these, he just felt like doing something different.

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