3 Weeks to go to Diary Day

In ‘Diary, the motto really is: ‘Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?’ It coaches us to be aware of our motives and not just be a reaction to the circumstances around us.’
Chuck Palahniuk

Whatever your reason for writing a diary, have you thought about how you will do your diary on the 12th?
If you’re doing it for yourself or supporting individual entries, you could:

  • Write as a list – 10 things you loved/disliked/wanted to change
  • Use a Smartphone – take five pictures which sum up your day
  • Write it as a letter to someone
  • Have some fun…write it in a different genre – thriller/romance/sci-fi, you choose.

Working with people, children, families – use the questions to interview each other – great way to get to know people – record on your phone and upload or write it up on our template and email.

Questions to ask people about their days:

‘What was your favourite/least favourite part of the day?
‘What irritated you today?’
‘What did you have for lunch/What are you having for dinner today?’

If you are a community organisation, why not use the diary day to find out about the experiences of staff/volunteers/service users, or use it as a way of team-building:
Use post it notes /postcards to ask about what people liked/disliked about your organisation on the 12th – what do they get out of it/bring to it? Where do they fit in?
Tell a story – the story of your team – use it to share your work with each other and outside the organisation – the challenges, high-points, frustrations, support, laughs, etc – this offers the potential to involve everyone and can offer great insight into your organisation.


On the 7th of May we will be hosting Diary Activities in Priory Meadow all day and on May 12th, we will be out and about in Hastings – timetable to follow.

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Author: Bev Jenkins

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