HMRC have released an app, available on iOS and Android, for taxpayers. This app includes a news feed from HMRC and a calculator to allow employees to check their expected take-home pay.  

If you have an account with the Government Gateway, the app will also allow you to check the following information about your tax affairs: 

• your current tax code
• your National Insurance number
• your Unique Tax Reference (UTR)
• an estimate of the tax due for the current year
• the next 12 tax credit payments due to you

You will also be able to do the following actions that would previously have required a form to be submitted by post or on a computer.

• renew tax credits
• provide updated information affecting your tax credits
• update your address
• claim any refund due
• track forms and letters sent to HMRC
• access your Help to Save account.

Finally, the app can be used to generate 6-digit access codes to increase the security of your Government Gateway login. 

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