Based in Hastings Town Hall, Eveleigh & Read are a local bespoke tailor. The business is run by Paul Read, who has retained the full name despite his original business partner, Rob Eveleigh having gone back to events management. 

Paul was originally inspired by the style and fashion of punk rock. His interest in suits, and the trade of tailoring, arose from an incident when he was aged 14. He had been asked to be a godparent, but he did not own a suit at the time. His father, a much larger man, offered one of his suits for the role. Realising that it would not fit his son, he took him along to a tailor and asked for the suit to be altered. The suit came back a perfect fit and Paul’s love of tailoring was born. 

Paul Read
PICTURE: Steve Brown

He started as a tailor in the early 2000s working for others, with he and Rob setting up on their own in 2004. Their original shop was located in Spitalfields Market. This was ideal for their main customer base at the time of city gents. Despite having a studio where clients could visit, most preferred that measurements and fittings took place at their offices. 

As 2018 came around the cost of living in London was proving a strain. The decision was made to move away, with Hastings being the location of choice. This was partly to be close to the parents of his partner, Fee. The seaside also appealed to Paul himself as it reminded him of his childhood in a Welsh coastal town. His work has still involved him commuting to London, though the current situation has reduced the number of London clients. 

Tailoring is a very personal business

Tailoring is a very personal business, with the standard measurements only being part of the job. Meeting clients in person is vital, as it allows the tailor to check the actual body shape and specific conformation of their body. In light of the pandemic Paul has taken precautions, always wearing a mask for measuring and fittings and steam-cleaning cloth sample books between clients. These books include both traditional fabrics and newer innovations, such as smooth and silky bamboo cloth. 

He offers two grades of service. Made to Measure suits are almost entirely based on the base measurements, with limited adjustments. They are quicker to make and can involve less expensive materials and more contemporary construction methods, such as fused lining instead of stitched. Fully Bespoke suits require more effort, but can prove necessary for customers with unusual body shapes. Such suits will make full use of the traditional methods, with expert craftsmen subcontracted for each part. 

As well as suits, Paul can make tailored shirts, morning dress or black and white tie outfits for those special occassions. If you are interested in his work he can be reached by phone on 01424 272626 or by e-mail at [email protected] 

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