David Brumley is the owner and proprietor of Twelve Hundred Postcards, a new ale house. Here he talks about what he has faced in opening a new business

One of the most important aspects of a start-up is finding the right place.  Locating and getting the site can take months, even years. Do you rent or buy a place? Have a long-term or short-term lease? Can you obtain suitable
break clauses? There are negotiations to carry out with the landlord and commercial agents. Other key aspects are if the site will attract enough people and will it generate enough income.

When the chance to open in Queens Road appeared, I instantly knew that this road in Hastings was the one, and I made sure that I got it. I love it here as there are some great businesses and there is so much potential in this street.

Just getting to opening day took a lot of effort. I did a lot of the work on Twelve Hundred Postcards myself and was also fortunate enough to have a great team of builders and fitters to help with the process. It was a huge push and then we opened our doors.

A typical day for me can involve cleaning the bar, meeting with potential suppliers, doing the accounting, tapping and venting casks of beers, talking and serving customers, completing a stock check, writing my blog and posting on Facebook and twitter. Some of these things I am naturally good at and enjoy, some I am not and need to develop. There are times when I am so far out of my comfort zone that it’s scary but it’s a fantastic opportunity and the best way to learn.

At this point it’s like starting all over again, trying to attract customers and keeping them by giving them an enjoyable experience. I have no complaints about working hard and I feel lucky to have the chance to run the business.

Twelve Hundred Postcards can be found at 80 Queens Road. Further information can be found on its website at twelvehundredpostcards.com

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