On 1st June Zuzushii Arts Lab will be showing a selection of Box Art to kickstart its new tenure at 26 White Rock. Tim Can, who runs the Lab with Fumico Azuma, tells us a little bit about what to expect from this new venture

Work by Peter Quinnel

We came to Hastings more by accident than design (but that‘s not a criticism) a little over three years ago. This is the eighth time we‘ve moved country, let alone addresses within countries, and various music tours, exhibitions and projects elsewhere. Regardless of where we are, our metaphorical form remains the same, in a very adaptable sense. After all, no two places are the same.

Work by Tim Can

We’re following a similar pattern as to other places, most notably Barcelona and Tokyo. Find a space and construct ourselves into it. We create, make things, build, like other people watch TV, something of an addiction. 26 White Rock is our latest platform and with it, partly due to it‘s construction and shop window, a new theme has emerged: Your existence is art. We never aim to be highbrow, art is not for the elite, nor is it made by the elite. Following the idea that anything can be art, so can any person be art. The shop window will be an ever changing installation, a space that you, me or anyone can walk in and out of, become a part of. There‘ll also be our studio there, so unlike most galleries you‘ll be able to see how we work. More than an open studio, though we‘re not quite sure what you would call it. Certainly open, open minded, open to participation, accessible. Sit and have a coffee, have a look around.

Fumico Azuma and Tim Can  – ZuzushiiMonkey

The actual art we make is mostly 3D mixed media, but it does go out in various directions. Collage, film, photography, improvised land art…and within Zuzushii Arts Laboratory, is ZuzushiiMonkey [Zuzushii, Tim explained, means “cheeky”]. This is our music wing. It‘s on the experimental side of things, playfully so but with an under current. We‘ve performed in all of the above places, film and documentary sound tracks, live radio sessions. Most recently a month’s tour of Catalunya in Spain. Instruments include tape machines, hair clippers, type writers, biscuit tin guitars and theremins. Plus a few normal things like keyboards. 

ZuzushiiMonkey have recently performed in Hastings at the Kino Teatr.

For more information about the gallery/space or the act, visit zuzushiiartlaboratory.com

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