Merlin Betts talks to Theatre Nation and the cast of their upcoming performance of “Waiting for Godot’, playing at the White Rock Theatre on 25th and 26th March and the start of a substantial tour. 

Patrick Kealy, from Theatre Nation explains the production.

“Godot at White Rock is a risk but an exciting one and also I hope a statement of intent for them as well as us. We want a White Rock audience (whatever that means) to take a chance. For some it might be something they wouldn’t bother to check out ordinarily if it was in a smaller venue. By putting this on a bigger stage we’re saying we’d like to share Beckett’s Godot with a wider audience. 

“I can’t emphasise too often just how funny Beckett is, we have a company of brilliantly talented experienced performers who are natural clowns to a man and will do Beckett justice… Give it a try, you might really be really delighted and surprised to find out how hilarious death, loneliness and existential angst can really be.

“Not surprisingly the way great writers have dealt with the issue of human mortality – poetically, philosophically and dramatically – interests me greatly. I have a personal antipathy for the most part to issue led plays (but) a social contemporary topic dealt with in the hands of a master playwright can be a thing of awesome power, (Miller for example). On the whole though I seem to be drawn to plays that speak to our general human condition. Leave me to figure out the message. I said to someone recently that I can imagine Waiting for Godot landing today on some literary editor’s desk and them saying ‘I just don’t get it. What’s the point? Nobody learns anything’.”

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