On June 1st a new gallery and creative studio will be opening at 26 White Rock, but, despite being new to Hastings, the creative duo behind it have a long and intriguing history.

Zuzushii Art Laboratory will host its first show from 1st-22nd June, with the opening night and private view being Saturday 1st June. The Lab’s creators, Fumico Azuma (Japan) and Tim Can (UK) will be displaying a collection of Box Art, partly their own, and partly work contributed by Peter Quinell and a number of local artists.

1. How do we hear? 2. The deep sea 3. Intimacy
PICTURE: Zuzushii Arts Laboratory

Tim and Fumico have been working together for 20 years, moving through numerous international locations with their evolving arts projects. The journey began in Barcelona in 1999 where “Doctor Zuzushii Monkey made the first moves”. That was a music and performance trio which would strip down to a duo and become ZusushiiMonkey. The Arts Lab then came into being in 2010 and has itself explored many different settings before finding its latest rest in Hastings.

The new location will help continue to match Tim and Fumico’s creative talents.  It is to be “Utilitarian, provoking and open to interpretation. A partnership of mutual influences, distain and a blend of geographically opposed cultures. Mixed, moulded and thrown into the visual dimensions, and sound.”

In their own words: “This nomadic alliance has distilled, refined and sharpened the points of our views. Material possessions can be accumulated, though just as easily passed away, passed on. Time and again we have literally built our homes around us. Not always the easiest option, but sometimes the only one available. Flexible, utilitarian, we do what we can with what we’ve got. And if we don’t have, we look for it. Nothing is forever. Life, art, us, everything.”

Talking about their creative philosophy, Tim and Fumico explain: “There is no hard line, there are deviations, though it must be said that the bulk of what we make and do comes from what we find. It started out that way because finding was cheaper than buying, but it became much more than that. It has become our life, the flesh on our bones. From within the Arctic Circle, through Asia and Europe. A multinational journey of art, space, performance and life.”

• To find out more, and to see the pair’s creative back catalogue go to: zuzushiiartlaboratory.com The art and photo galleries are definitely worth a look.

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