L to R, Dan Attfield, Conor Jatter, Luke Spillane, Tom Webster, Pic Rebecca Need-Menear
L to R, Dan Attfield, Conor Jatter, Luke Spillane, Tom Webster, Pic Rebecca Need-Menear

Judy Parkinson spoke to Conor Jatter, one quarter of the RH Experience

“ We’re a comedy group, bringing our show ‘Scribble’ to the Hastings Fringe.  It’s an improvised sketch show, with lots of on-the-spot jokes, songs and characters, all inspired by the audience, so it’s different every time.  It’s set against a backdrop that’s illustrated live by Ed Stockham, who draws for the Beano.

“The RH Experience which is me, Tom Webster, Luke Spillane and Dan Attfield all met in secondary school, and made each other laugh loads – so much that we started our own YouTube channel to record sketches.  Once we caught the bug for live shows, we haven’t stopped making each other laugh for nearly 10 years.  We’ve played to audiences at Alexandra Palace, Leicester Square Theatre and on E4, as well as gathering over half a million views on YouTube.

“Later this summer we’re off to the Edinburgh Fringe for a run of ‘Scribble’, the same show we’re bringing to Hastings.  After that we’ll be focusing on our next show, which we’re writing currently.  It’s our first scripted show so it’s very exciting.

“I think improvisation is a really important life skill as many improv mantras apply both on and off stage.  It enables you to say yes to a lot more, and be more positive. It’s a fantastic community!  You’re meeting like-minded people who want to get out there to create and have fun.

“For me, the top five rules of improv are listen, take your time, be silly, be truthful and have fun.  Absolutely anyone can give improv a shot.  We improvise all the time.  There’s a misconception that you have to be quick, witty or clever to do it, but you absolutely don’t.  There’s lots of great teachers out there too, especially at Hoopla in London, who create completely safe environments to muck around in, so anyone can get involved.

“Two groups who get me every time are Austentatious and Do Not Adjust Your Stage. One of my favourite moments on stage ever was being pulled out of the crowd at one of Wayne Brady’s gigs.  He used to appear on the US version of ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’ and makes it look effortless.  I can remember making him double up laughing, and thinking how crazy it was to be on stage with someone who I used to watch on TV and inspire me so much, so that was a great moment.

“I love physical and interactive comedy and making big bold character choices on stage, especially after training with some clown greats, such as Doctor Brown and Philippe Gaulier.  People hear the word clown and immediately ask about red noses and big shoes, but it’s more about taking the audience on a journey, being truthful and honest – and obviously very silly.  Plus it’s one of the oldest and universal forms of comedy, harking back to silent movies and court jesters, which I think is really cool – humans have been making each other laugh around the globe for ever.

We’re appearing in Hastings as the crowds there are fantastic, and the moment I heard there was going to be a comedy festival I wanted to get involved.”

You can catch The RH Experience’s Scribble at The Albion, Hastings Old Town on Thursday 15th June, 10pm. Free entry.


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