A new, independent art gallery (previously the Jerwood Gallery) will open on 6th July 2019. The Hastings Contemporary aims to champion modern and contemporary art, especially painting, and especially art which explores the rich cultural fabric of the South East. It’s starting exhibitions for summer are: “Eventually All Museums will be Ships” by Tal R, and “Shine Out Fair Sun” showcasing the work of Roy Oxlade and his tutor David Bomberg. A series of new drawings by Quentin Blake will also be presented to celebrate the opening of the gallery.

“Eventually All Museums Will Be Ships” runs from 6th July to 13th October and includes a mix of old and new work, arranged so as to better interact with the Rock-a-nore surroundings that inspired Tal’s title of the show. Tal R works with a wide range of media, from painting through textile and sculpture to video art. Israeli-born and Danish, he is known to be a uniquely versatile and experimental artist. Below are some examples of his work:

“Shine Out Fair Sun” runs from 6th July to 6th October, in parallel with a display examining the artistic relationship between Roy Oxlade (1924-2014) and his tutor David Bomberg. “Shine Out…” will be the first major public gallery exhibition of Oxlade’s work, with all its instinct, energy and powerful use of colour. The Guardian has described him as “one of the most impressive British painters of the past 50 years”, and “Shine Out” aims to provide samples of the artist’s work from across this period. Visitors will see Oxlade’s belief and vision that art should be rooted in nature and one’s immediate surroundings, taking inspiration from the objects of daily life. Oxlade and his wife Rose Wylie RA lived and worked on the South East Coast, not far from Hastings. David Bomberg works have been provided for the exhibition through a partnership with the prestigious private collection of Danny Katz. Some examples of Oxlade’s work are provided below:

Tal R and Roy Oxlade are credited with invigorating the rich painterly tradition through their creativity and their interest in teaching and otherwise inspiring the next generation of artists. The pair knew of eachother before Oxlade died, and they admired eachothers’ work.

Hastings Contemporary’s Director Liz Gilmore said “The extraordinary talents, abundant creativity and intuitive approach of each artist, fly the flag for painting and rather poignantly mark the journey of Hastings Contemporary as it sets sail in new waters. We’re excited to be launching this new chapter in Hasting’s history and to continue to bring world-class exhibitions to our cherished sea-side town.”

Sir Quentin Blake has had a home in Hastings for nearly 40 years. Having enjoyed and supported the Jerwood Gallery he is now keen to assist its independent replacement, becoming the Hastings Contemporary’s first Artist Patron. His exhibition of new work “The New Dress” will run from 6th July to 6th October and mirrors the transformation of the gallery by considering transformation and structure through a selection of interesting characters drawn in graphite.

Opening hours: Tues-Sun (and Bank Holiday Mondays) 11am – 5pm*, with last admission at 4.30pm.

Prices: Free for members and children 16 or under. £8 for adults, £7 for seniors, £4 for arts fund members and Hastings Borough residents. Groups of 10 or more may purchase tickets for £6 per person.

*The gallery will be open and free to view for Hastings Borough residents on every first Tuesday of the month, from 4pm to 8pm.

Pics of Tal R work taken from https://www.talr.dk/works

Pics of Roy Oxlade work taken from: https://wsimag.com/art/3772-roy-oxlade-its-what-you-see

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